Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Asher turns 3

Since I have not posted in over a year a few things have happened that we have not documented and we all know if you don't take a picture it didn't really happen so.....
Asher Turns 3 & 4
Asher's 3rd birthday

Asher's 4th birthday
Here are some things you should know about Asher......
He started Primary. He loves his new teachers but tells us they say bad words(they don't)
He still loves cars, trains, or anything with wheels
He thinks everything is awesome (especially cool cars which he call Lamborghinis)
His favorite word is "sure" (pronounced sir)
He is the sweetest boy and is always loving on his mom & dad
Loves to get his back rubbed-he even goes as far as removing his shirt so you can get it better
Loves to play mine craft & Mario Kart
If he is ever quiet for very long he is probably hiding with my phone playing a game
He has the sweetest prayers that always start "help me have a good time and be good" & usually bless Rex to be nicer (this always offends Rex)
He loves music and sings every song even if he doesn't know it
He thinks he is Batman or Mario or "Star Wars" most days
He has a great imagination and is always playing
He loves building forts and reading with Rex
He loves looking at pictures and wresting with Jett
Some of his favorite friends are: Myla, Owen, Aubrey, Jordyn,
Princess Chris & his brothers

We sure love our Sweet boy and can't wait to see what the next year will bring.


Monday, April 23, 2012


This year for Easter I thought I would be such a wise Mom & fill the kids up with all sorts of Easter activities before Easter. We did two different Easter egg hunts & opened Easter baskets but saved Easter Sunday for the Savior. I was thinking I was such a smarty and thought it would go wonderfully. I do have to say I was wrong and when we woke up Easter Sunday and the boys ran down the stairs to see if the Easter bunny changed his mind and came anyway my heart hurt and I vowed to never take the bunny out of Easter again. Our Sunday was fine but without the special start to the day it was like any other Sunday. We tried to think more of the Savior and his resurrection (but isn't that kinda what we do any way on Sunday's?) and we had a great dinner with some of our favorite cousins, but next year the bunny is coming back to this house.

Easter Egg hunt at the Summit Park

 The Easter Pageant at the Temple

 Easter Egg hunt by the river


Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Jett is such an easy going guy. It does not take a lot to make Jett happy. The same was true for his birthday. I gave him three options, have a big party at home, a medium party the same place Rex did or have a couple friends go to Amazing Jakes, and he chose option 4 (the one he made up) he wanted to go to a skate park with his Dad. You don't have to convince me. So the morning of his birthday Jett and Ryan went and had a new board built (you gotta know that Ryan was loving this). Then we all went to the skate park to watch Jett have a go. He had no fear and really rocked those ramps. He was a natural (it must be the Johnson in him). I did not get a picture of the park but I did get one of cake after wards. It was the best birthday party ever for Jett (and me).

Here are some things about Jett's year....
Jett started the 2nd grade
He LOVES his new teacher 
He loves skating and learned to ollie
Jett has decided that girls don't have cooties & that he likes them (much to Rex's dismay)
He has started the countdown for school to be over (not 2nd grade but all school)
He has started scouts and is sure it is the best invention EVER
He competed in and lost his first pinewood derby 
Learned about being a good sport
Finally got his front teeth to grow back
Jett got baptized 
He still loves all sports and is starting baseball again this Spring
Jett is still the sunshine in our home. He is a peacemaker and a lover of life. There is not a person that he meets that he would not play with. When we drive down the street he hollers out at every one we pass. He is full of energy and asked me this week if I thought hot glue could help him stay in his seat at school. We love the little man he has become & are grateful every day for his sweet spirit. We love you Jetty Poo.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Disneyland Thanksgiving

 We have got Thanksgiving mastered. Instead of spending the day making a huge turkey dinner only to turn around and clean up a huge turkey mess while feeling like you ate the whole turkey yourself we get to spend the day with Mikey Mouse at the most magical place on earth. Although I do miss getting together at Grandma Homey's house for dinner I love our family tradition and don't even mind the crowds. This year was especially good because we got to spend it with most of my family. It was so nice having Jori feeling good enough to join us on most of the rides. Even though moving that large of a group (18 people) through the huge thanksgiving crowd is not easy we had A LOT to be thankful for.
 Asher especially loved Disney Land this year. He called it Mikey Mouse's club house. He was such a happy guy the whole trip.
As always Rex & Jett had a blast. I think they especially liked hanging out with their cousins and Ryan and I hardly ever rode a ride with either of them. I guess we can't compete with the Goughs.
 Here are more of our favorite pics of our Thanksgiving.....

 More pics....
 The Beach

The water was way to cold to play in but that did not stop the kids from going all the way in (or Tip). I think we enjoy the beach just as much as Disney Land. We love finding a good spot with lots of Tide Pools that we can explore. My Dad always finds the best creatures, including a really ugly sea slug that he removed (from Idaho:)) and got a nice long lecture about not misplacing the animals from were they want to be from a "volunteer". She was a special person with a very important job. 
Before the rest of the family got to CA we got to go explore Hollywood with Gramma & Papa. It was something we had always wanted to do and now we can say we did it. The boys thought we lost our minds wanting to look at stars on a side walk instead of going straight to dland but once they found Michael Jackson's star they were sold.
The fam in front of the Chinese Theater

Jett & Jamie Foxx

Good Times were had by all! Until next time.....