Monday, April 23, 2012


This year for Easter I thought I would be such a wise Mom & fill the kids up with all sorts of Easter activities before Easter. We did two different Easter egg hunts & opened Easter baskets but saved Easter Sunday for the Savior. I was thinking I was such a smarty and thought it would go wonderfully. I do have to say I was wrong and when we woke up Easter Sunday and the boys ran down the stairs to see if the Easter bunny changed his mind and came anyway my heart hurt and I vowed to never take the bunny out of Easter again. Our Sunday was fine but without the special start to the day it was like any other Sunday. We tried to think more of the Savior and his resurrection (but isn't that kinda what we do any way on Sunday's?) and we had a great dinner with some of our favorite cousins, but next year the bunny is coming back to this house.

Easter Egg hunt at the Summit Park

 The Easter Pageant at the Temple

 Easter Egg hunt by the river



Whitney said...

Oh shoot about the Easter Bunny! We still hide the eggs and do baskets on Sunday, we just downplay the bunny bit. This year, Rach lost interest in the eggs quickly when she realized she got a new toy to play with. There's also a more spiritual Easter egg hunt with items in the eggs that symbolize Christ, which is what I'm hoping to new in the next couple years as they get a better understanding. But you made it to the Easter Pageant, which was more than we did!!

G Luvlee said...

You're a great mama with great intentions and your kids are learning about the Savior from watching their mom serve and love. You are doing wonderful things!