Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Disneyland Thanksgiving

 We have got Thanksgiving mastered. Instead of spending the day making a huge turkey dinner only to turn around and clean up a huge turkey mess while feeling like you ate the whole turkey yourself we get to spend the day with Mikey Mouse at the most magical place on earth. Although I do miss getting together at Grandma Homey's house for dinner I love our family tradition and don't even mind the crowds. This year was especially good because we got to spend it with most of my family. It was so nice having Jori feeling good enough to join us on most of the rides. Even though moving that large of a group (18 people) through the huge thanksgiving crowd is not easy we had A LOT to be thankful for.
 Asher especially loved Disney Land this year. He called it Mikey Mouse's club house. He was such a happy guy the whole trip.
As always Rex & Jett had a blast. I think they especially liked hanging out with their cousins and Ryan and I hardly ever rode a ride with either of them. I guess we can't compete with the Goughs.
 Here are more of our favorite pics of our Thanksgiving.....

 More pics....
 The Beach

The water was way to cold to play in but that did not stop the kids from going all the way in (or Tip). I think we enjoy the beach just as much as Disney Land. We love finding a good spot with lots of Tide Pools that we can explore. My Dad always finds the best creatures, including a really ugly sea slug that he removed (from Idaho:)) and got a nice long lecture about not misplacing the animals from were they want to be from a "volunteer". She was a special person with a very important job. 
Before the rest of the family got to CA we got to go explore Hollywood with Gramma & Papa. It was something we had always wanted to do and now we can say we did it. The boys thought we lost our minds wanting to look at stars on a side walk instead of going straight to dland but once they found Michael Jackson's star they were sold.
The fam in front of the Chinese Theater

Jett & Jamie Foxx

Good Times were had by all! Until next time.....

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