Monday, May 17, 2010

Barnyard Moosical!

A few weeks ago Rex and Jett had the lead role in their kindergarten classes production of "Barnyard Moosical". Ryan and I were able to secure seats for opening night and we were not disappointed! They stole the show!! I think they might have Broadway in their future. Rex is on the bottom left and Jett on top right
Jett had the important role of cow #8. He said his one line without a hitch and smiled and waved into the audience just like a good little cow should! His Mama was so proud!!and Rex was the one and only flying pig! At first Rex insisted that he would not accept any role beyond just singing with the group but after much coaxing he finally agreed that he would make a fine flying swine....and boy did he. Only he flew so fast I am not sure if most of the audience even knew he was on the stage. My first clue was when I looked at Jett who had his ears plugged (he does this whenever he expects a loud noise or surprise-I don't know who he gets it from :)). I guess when they did the show earlier for the rest of the school Rex's flying pig act caused quite an uproar and Jett didn't want to hear it again. He sure was fast, and cute!!Rex did not want to be seen and tried to hide on the second row until his teacher noticed and made him stand in front where he tried to disappear into the boy next to him. Rex the fast flying pig.
So maybe they are not quite ready for the big stage but we sure thought they were the best!