Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Asher turns 3

Since I have not posted in over a year a few things have happened that we have not documented and we all know if you don't take a picture it didn't really happen so.....
Asher Turns 3 & 4
Asher's 3rd birthday

Asher's 4th birthday
Here are some things you should know about Asher......
He started Primary. He loves his new teachers but tells us they say bad words(they don't)
He still loves cars, trains, or anything with wheels
He thinks everything is awesome (especially cool cars which he call Lamborghinis)
His favorite word is "sure" (pronounced sir)
He is the sweetest boy and is always loving on his mom & dad
Loves to get his back rubbed-he even goes as far as removing his shirt so you can get it better
Loves to play mine craft & Mario Kart
If he is ever quiet for very long he is probably hiding with my phone playing a game
He has the sweetest prayers that always start "help me have a good time and be good" & usually bless Rex to be nicer (this always offends Rex)
He loves music and sings every song even if he doesn't know it
He thinks he is Batman or Mario or "Star Wars" most days
He has a great imagination and is always playing
He loves building forts and reading with Rex
He loves looking at pictures and wresting with Jett
Some of his favorite friends are: Myla, Owen, Aubrey, Jordyn,
Princess Chris & his brothers

We sure love our Sweet boy and can't wait to see what the next year will bring.


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vinestreet said...

Oh my goodness. It's so neat to see how much he looks like you, Mandy. Our kids' primary teachers swear, too. I think it's normal. :)