Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Day 2 of CGL...India

Bright colors, lots of sparkles & the BEST food in the world....who wouldn't want to go to India on their world cruise?!
When we got to India we were greeted by some lovely individuals who told us all about India and some of their festivities. We learned to Bolly wood dance (So you think you can dance has got NOTHING on us), made sparkly elephant decorations, ate some fantastic curry dishes, & celebrated Raksha Bandhan (a celebration of brothers & sisters).

 Our favorite friends from Eagar came over to learn the Bollywood dance so they could all perform it for their families on the night of our party.
for Raksha Bandhan the kids all made their brothers or sisters a card and gave them a bracelet

I think that if Grandma Luvlee could she would decorate her home like she did for India every day (that or Mexico). It was such a fun day full of happy colors. One of our highlights was watching pieces of the movie "Jodha Akbar". It is our favorite Bollywood movie. Jett is still singing the songs from it.(Only he doesn't know the words-it is quite lovely).  Watch the video here if you want it stuck in your head to, trust me you won't regret it:)

Dev borekoru

Thursday, September 8, 2011

the Brown's shindig

One of my favorite times of year...the Brown family reunion. This year was nothing short of fabulous as we camped on Nanette and Wade's ranch near Pine. It was great weather, great food (gourmet hot dogs, chipotle style burritos & butter with a side of French toast), and great company. Here is what our weekend looked like....

 Jett worked hard all weekend on becoming a cowboy. Thanks to "uncle" Dallas he learned to lasso and to crack a whip. The rest of the time was spent perfecting these things. As you can tell it was pretty serious work. He probably would have spent all his time shooting his BB gun that he talked his Dad into letting him bring, but it was confiscated with in the first 10 minutes for shooting towards camp.
Asher's days consisted mostly of playing in the dirt! He was in heaven because he could get so dirty & no one cleaned his face every few minutes.The rest of his days were spent eating candy & cookies, throwing dirt on himself & any one who stood still next to him. Believe it or not he was NOT the dirtiest kid at camp-not even CLOSE!

We were lucky we got any pictures of Rex. We were lucky if we saw him 3 times a day, breakfast, lunch & dinner. He was up in the mountains the rest of the time. He was building forts and looking for treasures. I would literally go hours with out seeing the kid. We figured he would come down when he got hungry and that is what he did. He always had at least two other kids with him (his posse). He was loving life.
  the Pinata
and the dirtiest kid award goes to......
It is to close to call. But if I had to make a decision I would give it to SHEA!Congratulation Shea.
The thing I enjoyed most about camp had to be the sitting around and relaxing part. I can always use more of that in my life.

A great time was had by all. Until next year....

Happy Adoption Day!

As always I love celebrating adoption day, it gives me a chance to really look at some of my favorite blessings (Rex & Jett) and be grateful that they are a part of our family. It gives me a chance to think of their unselfish birth mothers and remember the sacrifice that she made in order for my family to be together. I LOVE adoption, I LOVE my sweet boys, and I am grateful to start the process again so we can hopefully make our family a family of 6 (and add another girl to the equation).
7 years after we adopted Rex & Jett (Mikhail & Timur)

Their silly shot!
 The boys helped build the cake. We had to use our imaginations and pretend that the pink was red and the baby blue was really Russian flag blue. I think it turned out great.