Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Halloween 2011

This year Halloween was quite the event. We partied until I couldn't stand to put costumes on my kids even one more time. When all was said and done we had dressed up 4 times. By the time Halloween night came around the boys were just barely dressed up because their Mom was all Halloweened OUT. Luckily I had taken so many pictures at all other events that it didn't even matter (it is all about the pictures still....right?).
We do LOVE Halloween though. Especially in the valley were it was 75 degrees when the sun went down. Our neighbor hood is the best trick-or-treating spot, it is mostly retired couples who like to party. So they open up their garages and have open bars and chilli. They give out fantastic candy & love to watch the little ones. The boys got a Haul this year (especially Rex who is a bit of a candy hoarder) and had a blast!
Here are some pics to prove it.....


Young Jedi

Indiana Jones

These handsome boys make their Mama happy!
 The boys costumes this year were all homemade. Asher's costume was a hand-me-down from the boys, our favorite NE friend Taneil made it for them. Jett wanted to be Indiana Jones, not because he loves the movies or has even seen the movies but because of his new infatuation of whips. Rex wanted to be a Ninja and thought he looked great even though he was just wearing all black (I agree). Gotta love a cheap solution to Halloween.

Brown Halloween Party 2011
This years party theme was "Dead Hollywood". We were all to come as dead celebrities & all the food went along with the theme.
Some of the desserts were Anna Nicole's pink coffins, Heath Ledger's chocolate od cookies, Patrick Swaze's Ghosts, Mata Hara's Kisses, & Rock Hudson's rocks.

 Here are some of the famous faces...

Cleopatra & Bob Ross

 The night was a bit much for me, thank heavens for Michael's "juice".

The boy's school parade

This will be their last year to be in the parade apparently next year they grow up:(
Pumpkin carving
Every year we carve pumpkins as a family. Ryan is in charge of helping the boys and I am in charge of pictures and clean up. The last two years however Ryan was so into carving his pumpkin that I end up helping the boys. His pumpkins are pretty fabulous I have to say. The boys did most of their own carving this year. I was pretty impressed.  And in the tradition of Halloween Jett ate some of the pumpkin guts (Rex even tried them out this year). 

Rex eating the pumpkin guts

good stuff!

Rex is not as fond of them

Jett                        Rex                    Ryan