Tuesday, August 16, 2011

2nd grade....here we come!

Good Bye to SUMMER with it's lazy days, swimming pools & flip flops. Hello to SCHOOL days! The boys were excited to get back to school this year. I would have to say I was right there excited with them. Not that we didn't have a fantastic summer (we DID) it was just time.

Cassie gave us a good idea for coming up with summer activities that she found on a blog. We wrote down 50 things we wanted to do over summer break & then tried to get them all done. We did not succeed but we sure had fun trying. Here are some of our favorites....
Going to a Diamondbacks game

going to the zoo
 Running in the sprinklers

Going on a picnic-Ryan found this great spot near the river.  Rex never passes up a chance to climb something.

Going to the summer movies

the air force museum

 Things we also enjoyed but didn't get pictures of.....
 -Ryan took the boys to Sun Splash
 -getting snow cones
 -making ice cream
 -building a fort
 -making puppets
 -summer reading program
Goodbye summer see you next year!

Monday, August 8, 2011

The luck of the Irish

The highlight of being in Ireland had to be the leprachan that we caught! The bummer is that when you catch a leprachan they shrivel up and die. This was explained to all the kids before we set the trap but they figured they would take their chances & try and trap one anyway.
While in Ireland we also had the chance to kiss the Blarney stone (at least we think it was the Blarney Stone-we all kissed it any way). We learned that the proper way to kiss the stone was to lean over backwards.
Jett kissin the Blarney stone for luck
Some enjoyed this more than others
Cassie had some instruction for the older cousins & friends on how to river dance. (she was very excited)
But the younger boys were natural Michael Flatley's and needed no instruction. Lord of the Dance look out!
Lucky for us there had been a rainbow that very day and we were able to find a treasure left at the end of it. I got the pleasure of hiding the treasures and decided to hide the older kids really well. They were not all that impressed with my skill.
After a fine meal of cabbage, potatoes & stew we left jolly ol' Ireland
and all her jolly ol' jolly people
 & set sail for India.