Thursday, December 30, 2010

I'm dreaming of a Brown Christmas

We had such a great Christmas this year. We always alternate were we stay either with the Johnson's or with my family. This year was a Brown Christmas not only because we did not get any snow but we stayed with my family. It is a bit cozy with all of us in my parents home (Cassie's family and Trevor's family were both there) but we love it.
I have always loved Christmas and my Mom has always made them very magical. As with everything that my Mom does this Christmas was done perfectly. We started out the festivities with an adults only Ginger Bread making contest. It was done food network style and even had guest judges. Ryan and I are not proud of our final product but we did not loose (although there might have been a bribe involved).

We enjoyed great food with a fancy Christmas Eve dinner that was amazing followed by a talent show (that was not as amazing-but entertaining). The night was concluded with our little "angels" singing silent night and a nativity.
Feliz navidad

Rudolf the red nosed reindeer

I'm getting nothing for Christmas

 The kiddos all slept in the family room on Christmas eve which made us all a little nervous since in order to get to the bathroom they would have to walk through the footprints that Santa made when he forgot to wipe the soot from his boots after exciting the fire place. We only had one close call when Pace woke up at 2 to use the facilities and then tried waking the rest of the bunch up to share his find. Thankfully Papa was up and stayed in the front room to guard the loot.
da loot

Santa footprints

Asher "lovin" Christmas

For Christmas my Mom asked Santa to bring Jori to her home. She has not gotten to come to Eagar in 2 years and has not seen most of the family in that time. Adam was a rockstar and got her there in time for the Christmas party. What a great ending to a great holiday! Until next year....

Your Mama Rocks!

When we got to Eagar for Christmas the first thing the boys said was "Mom there is no snow"! Being the rock star mom that I am, I made it snow in Mesa. Your Welcome!

Asher did not get to enjoy the snow because he was napping (oh and it only lasted for 30 seconds.) Sorry buddy.

The Polar express (AZ style)

When Cassie & Tip came to Mesa before Christmas we decided to take the kids to McCormick ranch to ride the train. It was supposed to be pretty magical and awesome! There was a 20% chance of rain but because we live in Mesa and 20% usually means no chance in heck we chanced it. After standing in a line that would put Disney Land's wait to shame we were able to ride the train for half price (we discovered it was half price when we got to the end of the line-after we had already bought all of our tickets). It was marked down because they were having some technical difficulties with there lights (they were not lighting). We were soaked (did I mention that we forgot a jacket for Asher) and unimpressed but the kids didn't seem to mind or even notice and I think we could say it was a success (as far as a great photo op and story goes).

Trim the tree

I had great help this year!

Rex's production of the Nativity

For Family Home Evening Rex wanted to be in charge of doing a nativity. Mostly because he likes to be the boss I think but he did a great job. He told every one who they would be and what they should wear. There were only a few tears shed (by Rex) when things were not going his way. Our final product was recorded but will not be shared here as to not offend anyone by our lack of reverence (not my fault).
Staring Rex as a wise man, Jett as a shepherd & Asher as Baby Jesus

our swaddled baby Jesus


our lack of reverence (aka Rex)

 The end

Thursday, December 16, 2010

My 7 year old

Well we decided to let Rex turn 7. We were not going to let him since the older your kids get the older you are but he did it anyway. Here is a peak at Rex's year.....
 He had his first and last season of basketball
 He started tumbling (he does a mean cart wheel)
 Learned to read
 Learned to ramp his bike and his scooter
 Lost 7 teeth (one of them when he was sleeping or eating, not sure but we never found it. He told me one day, my tooth is gone but I don't know where.)
 Grew tall enough to go on Indiana Jones ride 
He is the best tree climber ever!
 He loves math
 He loves to draw and color
 He likes to write books
 He loves eating anything with red devil on it
 He learned to whistle (all the missing teeth help)
 He loves to play Plants verses Zombies on the computer
 He now thinks that the Backyardigans and Diego are baby shows (he didn't think so last year)
 He has turned into such a neat kid. He is always surprising me. He is so smart and he likes you to know about it. He is always saying things like "what is more important mom (insert whatever I am currently doing) or your son?" He got in a lot of trouble this week and I decided that I was going to spank him. After I did he said "How would you like it if I whacked you?" He cracks us up. Most of the time he is not trying to. We love you to pieces Rexy Poo! Today in the car he told us "I would be so sad if I still lived in the orphanage and didn't have a mom and dad", well Rex I know exactly how you feel. We would not be complete with out our sweet boy in our home. We would have a hole that we could not fill. We are thankful every day that our Heavenly Father chose us to be your family. Happy birthday Roger. Enjoy it because we are not going to let you get any older!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Another Disney Thanks Giving

We love our new family tradition of going 2 DisneyLand on Thanks Giving. What a great place to be with the ones you are most grateful for.
 We were especially grateful that Granny & Grandpa got to go with us. The boys loved being there with them and they got quite spoiled. Jett couldn't leave Granny's side.
 This year the boys were tall enough to ride any ride they wanted which was great for Jett but not so great for Rex. Rex got a bit braver this year and now enjoys the Thunder Mountain roller coaster, but could do without most others and he just really hated Space Mountain and Tower of Terror. He is real brave until we get for enough into the line that there is no backing out and then he will tell us he changed his mind he wants to leave. He was quite the trooper though. Jett never met a ride he didn't love and especially loved California Screaming (Ryan loved that he finally has someone to join him since it is also his favorite ride). Asher was sick for both days at Disneyland but was a trooper anyway. He liked to look at the people and Rex thinks he liked the Winnie the Pooh ride.

We spent the 3rd day at the beach. We have gone to the same beach both years and we love it. The weather was so nice the boys played in the water & didn't freeze.
We can't wait for next Thanks Giving!