Tuesday, July 20, 2010

the 60's part II

more fun pictures from day one of camp for your viewing pleasure..... All the older kids were in charge of one younger kid. Rex is feeling great about this. These are our peaceful protesters. Rex made my favorite sign, it says "heck no we won't I am not going I am good."and the bad guys, we'll call them "the man". Some trippy pictures of our hippies! the babies didn't get to participate much but they made for a great photo opp. Kamryn and Korbi proving that Brown blood runs deep. You guys sure rocked those boots! Nancy Sinatra would be jealous. We LOVED the 60's but can't wait to see what our crazy professor has in store for us tomorrow.

Friday, July 16, 2010

You've come a long way baby!

Happy 1st birthday Asher! It does not seem possible yet Asher was born a year ago! He is not ready to act like a one year old yet as he does not have any interest in walking (thankfully) or saying any words, he prefers to be hand fed and still loves to be carried. He is such a happy little boy. He loves cruisin around the house looking for his brothers and hoping that they will play with him. He especially enjoys the stairs even though he has fallen down them more than I would care to admit. He loves Rex's blocks, grocery stores, dogs, Winnie the pooh, dancing to music, his blankie, playing in water, he loves to splash but does not want you to splash him, his stuffed dog, watermelon, other babies, his brothers and he is definitely a daddy's boy. Whenever Ryan gets home he shrieks with joy (literally). We are so happy that he is our little boy, he brings sunshine into our home and we could not imagine our lives without our little Asher Lev! Asher 1 month. He was in the 0 percentile (now the 90th)My first try at fondant. Thank heavens for a brother with some talent in the artistic department. Thanks Trevor! I love all the funny faces Asher makes. This is his excited face! Lot's of help opening presents! Enjoying some cake. Asher's first trampoline experience with Grandpa. He was not in love with the idea of it. He would cry when any one would move. Fun right! This is his yelling face. When he doesn't agree with something you are doing (especially tickling him) he will yell at you.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

4th of July

The 4th of July has always been my favorite holiday! When I was growing up the last week of June in Eagar all of the stores would start putting flags out front. Then the town would put up all of their banners and flags. My Mom used to tell me it was because it was my birthday. I loved that the whole town celebrated with me. I still do! If you have ever been to Round Valley for the 4th you will know why it is still my favorite holiday. Plus it is like a mini Brown reunion. Enjoy the pics! Every year my mom takes these cute pictures with the flag. It is fun to see the boys change every year. They are still pretty stinking cute. Sorry that your nap time is during pictures Asher.This is the boys first 4th.Rex & da boys (Pace, Bridger & Tuff). Scary bunch especially with Rex in the lead. Waiting for the parade with some cousins.This is the horse they had in memory of Uncle Steven. When a sheriff has passed they put his boots backwards on his saddle.
Asher "enjoying" the parade. & the sirens. The best "float". Papa's 40th class reunion. He is the cute one under the umbrella with the hat on.

Monday, July 5, 2010

It's about Time!

Welcome to Camp Gramma Luvlee 6 "It's about time". This year we will explore time travel with our fearless leader Gramma Luvlee and her handsome side kick the Professor. Here are some pictures of our first day were we fearlessly went wear no man has been before, (at least not this decade) to the 60's.

Jett enjoying a tye died cupcake.

Asher sporting a fro and looking fabulous.

Cher (Merrill) serenading one of his screaming fans. Sorry Katie!

Sonny & Cher one of our hot bands to join us at our very own Woodstock. Jori you might want to talk to Merrill about crossdressing it seems like I have seen this before with him. I don't think Sonny ever looked so good though.

Doo I diddy diddy dum diddy do!

A little Beatle action for your enjoyment. Rex and Jett doing Yellow Submarine (very well I might add).

Our opening act. No one does Hendrix like Uncle Ryan.

Our little hippie boys! When we arrived in the 60's the boys were too "square" our tour guide made them change their cloths and their names.
Jett-Jewel Stone, Pace-Sunny Fire, Merrill-Crimson Frost, Tuff-Eternal Sand, and Rex-Tranquil Karma. What a proud mamma moment:)

Crimson Haze our tour guide through the 60's

These pictures are backwards but it it all the kids about to depart in the time machine, them arriving in the 60's and their greater "Crimson Haze".

This year we were greeted at camp by none other than....papa. Only he was dressed as the absent minded professor who had just finished his time travel machine and was willing to take us on a trial run but only after we agreed to sign his waver.

There is more of our first day to come (if you know Gramma Luvlee this will not surprise you) but my computer is telling me that I need to give it a break for a bit).
We sure miss having Aunt Jo Jo here. You would have made a great hippie Jor! Love you to pieces (and I am missing the extra dish washer:)).