Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Giving THANKS!

This year for Thanks Giving I was given a gift that my family and I have been waiting for for a long time. On Friday the 19th my oldest sister Jori had surgery to relieve pressure that is on her brain from a disease that she has battled for the last 8 years. 

Jori is the most faithful person that I know. Instead of complaining that she was bound to her bed she took that time to study her scriptures. When her vision started to get worse and she was unable to concentrate on things because of the pressure on her brain, she began studying the Ensign. She would mark were she had read and the things that meant something to her or something that she thought someone in her family might need to hear. She always knew she was going to get better because she had been given many beautiful blessings by her husband and others who held the priesthood. She has been a huge strength to me and her entire family. When her kids would be worried about her she would put on a smile and tell them that she felt fine and that she would be better soon. 

 Because of her testimony and her true faith I have been blessed. I am grateful for an older sister who has helped my testimony grow stronger by being around her during her trial.
I love you Jori Pori!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

playing catchup

How do you squeeze two full months in one blog? Well it is going to look a bit like this.....

My Dad is so funny!

Jett on the obstacle course

The family rocking "Love Shack"

The music moved Jett-he danced every song

Rex was less moved

This is one of my favorite things. Who wouldn't love it, 3 fun filled days of camping, good food, fun, & great family. Who wouldn't love it?!
Crazy hair day at school.
the funny thing was that the day before the boys thought it was crazy hair day and we made Rex's hair into an afro. When we got to school no one else had crazy hair. Rex was so embarrassed that he dropped to the floor of the car and smoothed it all down. The back was still sticking straight up but what you can't see won't hurt you (or embarrass you).  


The boys started basketball on a team that has been playing together for 3 years. Needless to say they don't get a lot of "play time". They love it though and have no idea that they are not the best on the team. Jett will get so excited that he will randomly turn cartwheels.

It finally got cool enough to take the gang out of the house. We went with some of our favorite friends to the zoo. We had a great time even though we lost Rex for about 15 minutes (he was playing hide and seek).
Now I am ready!
It took him 15 months to come around but Asher has decided to try out walking! He started walking at the beginning of September but it wasn't quite what he was hoping for so he stopped. It wasn't until the beginning of October that he decided to stick with it. We are so proud!
Real Fall  
For fall break we got to go to the mountains and see what Fall is supposed to look like. We miss our Nebraska season changes this time of year. 

Wherever Asher goes he has got at least one car in his hand and he is usually making a car sound to go with it.

my little monkey

(pumpkin carving)

Every year we tell Jett he has to taste the pumpkin "guts" so far he has always done it. It is our only Halloween tradition.

Ryan was pretty proud of his Suns pumpkin

 (The school's costume parade)

Halloween parties
party # 3 at our friend Lore's house. Always so fun!
 Kids eating donuts off a string.
Asher the Garden Gnome

Party #4 this is my first attempt at a Halloween party.

This was our Halloween party with my Mom. Everyone had to dress like a monster and then their place setting was decorated like their monster. It turned out so cool.

Danii as the Bride of Frankenstein & Jett as the Phantom of the Opera
Korbi as the Mummy, Merrill is a werewolf and Rex is Frankenstein.
Jett and Korbi watching Thriller (Jett loves it)

We also had a fun party at Granny's house this year but this Mama forgot to bring her camera.

There you have it two months in one blog!