Monday, August 30, 2010

Happy Adoption Day!

The hotel Ukraina
Great things come in twos....ears, eyes, nutter butters.....and 8 years ago when we started the adoption process our social worker asked Ryan and I "do you want one or two babies?" we of course answered two!
Six years ago today in the town of Samara Russia, Ryan and I stood before a Russian judge so that we could adopt our two little babies. I love to look back and think of that time we were so young and excited about our new family. The judge could not understand why in the world these two young American's would want TWO babies. We did our best to explain but even then I did not realize what an important part of our world these two babies would become. We are so blessed to have them in our life and they are so blessed that they have each other. Here is a look back at our journey.

view from our room

When we got to Russia we stayed in Moscow for a few days. It was an awesome place and they actually had people who swept the streets at night. It was beautiful, not what I had expected at all.

After we left Moscow we flew to Samara. We spent the first day in Togliatti with Jett. He was a beautiful baby but he was not so sure about us. In fact he cried for the first hour. Ryan and I did not know what the heck to do with a crying baby so we fed him a cookie, which seemed to help. Even threw all the tears this little baby stole our heart. The first impression of Jett was not a very accurate one. Jett is now an easy going kid. He loves people and is such a happy guy.         
His orphanage was huge. They had 300 babies.
this is Ryan walking Jett around the orphanage

They would put cribs outside so the babies would not just lay indoor all day. It was very green and lush.
Our first family picture with Timur.
The cookie that won Jett over.
We got to spend two days in Syzran were Rex's orphanage was. There were only 7 other babies there and he got a lot of attention. He was the favorite and they called him "Misha". He was such a happy baby. We loved spending time with him in Syzran. We fell in love with little Misha right away.
Entrance to Rex's orphanage
Our smiley Misha
family waiting room
stroller ride
Nurses that took care of Rex

Leaving Rex's orphanage
landing in New York. Welcome to the US baby boys!
spending our time in the hotel

Our second trip to Russia was the first time the boys got to meet each other. It was so fun, except for the part were we had to live in a hotel with no cribs or air conditioning for 3 days while we waited for the babies visas. They have been together ever since.  
We love you two like crazy! Happy adoption day!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Working on our Knight moves

The 4th day at CGL was the boys favorite. Maybe because they got to be knights and fight with swords and look for dragons.....oh & also their Mom was a beautiful princess (who said the kids got to have all the fun?).
Our brave knights in shinning armor (they got to make their own coat of arms).

playing the Princess & the pea game & Shea's bottom
Our "royal" family minus our King (Ryan) & Asher's pants....oops.

You just can't get Merrill down
trouble makers punishment
the results of Rex's dance moves
Merrill dancing with his princess-sweet boy!
Are you surprised!?
Jett getting knighted
our castle
Jett's "knight" moves
Rex's interpretive dance.
Here's to another "luvlee" day at camp! Can't wait for tomorrow & the 50's!                                                                                                                                                  

Back to School Blues....

It is here! Summer is over and 1st grade begins and boy do my boys have the back to school blues! Not because we had the most fantastic summer. Just because they love spending time with me and Asher....okay not that either. They have no reason to be so not ready for school to start but it does not help that their Dad reminds them the night before that they only have 11 years of school left after this one (we won't even bring up what happens after high school).

Here are some of the funny things that were said on the first day back....
How many more years until I retire? -Rex
Ms. Hunt is going to be so happy to see me. -Jett
You are going to be the only first grader who does not know how to tie shoes. -Rex to Jett
Ms. Hunt is always angry. -Jett
Please don't make my hair look stupid on my first day, make it like a surfer. -Jett

Love you bunches Rex & Jett! 

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

CGL goes prehistoric

Day 3 of camp we all went Dinosaur hunting. Lucky for us we had some pretty fierce warriors along.
We laugh in the face of danger. HA        

When we weren't fighting we were playing games, like "who can pick up the most dino eggs (or whoppers) with their dino-head.
or Dino-races....

We learned the lost art of spear throwing...
& spear retrieving...

we excavated....

& painted...
we dinned on crickets,
& dogs...

In the end we never did capture the dinosaur but we sure did look good trying!
Good Bye to the Land Before Time, we are off to....