Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Jett is such an easy going guy. It does not take a lot to make Jett happy. The same was true for his birthday. I gave him three options, have a big party at home, a medium party the same place Rex did or have a couple friends go to Amazing Jakes, and he chose option 4 (the one he made up) he wanted to go to a skate park with his Dad. You don't have to convince me. So the morning of his birthday Jett and Ryan went and had a new board built (you gotta know that Ryan was loving this). Then we all went to the skate park to watch Jett have a go. He had no fear and really rocked those ramps. He was a natural (it must be the Johnson in him). I did not get a picture of the park but I did get one of cake after wards. It was the best birthday party ever for Jett (and me).

Here are some things about Jett's year....
Jett started the 2nd grade
He LOVES his new teacher 
He loves skating and learned to ollie
Jett has decided that girls don't have cooties & that he likes them (much to Rex's dismay)
He has started the countdown for school to be over (not 2nd grade but all school)
He has started scouts and is sure it is the best invention EVER
He competed in and lost his first pinewood derby 
Learned about being a good sport
Finally got his front teeth to grow back
Jett got baptized 
He still loves all sports and is starting baseball again this Spring
Jett is still the sunshine in our home. He is a peacemaker and a lover of life. There is not a person that he meets that he would not play with. When we drive down the street he hollers out at every one we pass. He is full of energy and asked me this week if I thought hot glue could help him stay in his seat at school. We love the little man he has become & are grateful every day for his sweet spirit. We love you Jetty Poo.