Monday, March 28, 2011

The loves of Asher's life...

In no particular order,
 1. Cars
 Asher has a car in his hand at most times. He loves to line them up, drive them up your arms, or just watch them drive on the floor. He takes them to the store, in the bath, to the beach, & to church. No wonder car was one of Asher's first words.

2. Shoes
Asher loves putting his shoes on. As soon as he gets up he makes you put some on him. When he finds a pair of shoes he wants you to put them on him right then, even if he already has a pair on. The tricky part is he doesn't want you to take off the shoes he has on. Good luck with that Asher.
3. Books

Asher loves for you to read him a book. He especially likes his truck books.

4. His Daddy
Ryan & Asher are good buddies. He chooses Ryan over me any day.  All day long if Asher hears a noise he will go to the door to check to see if Daddy is home. He talks on his play phone all day with Daddy. He always has a big hug & a kiss for Daddy. 

 I am sure there are more loves but those are probably his top 4 right now. 
What a fun kid he is. We love him to pieces!