Tuesday, January 18, 2011

You'll shoot your eye out!

Happy 7th birthday Jett!
This year all of Jett's dreams came true! He got a bb gun. Not because we think it is a great idea (we don't), but because he just wants one so stinking bad. Jett is our "outdoors man". He loves anything to do with guns, knives, or any other dangerous object he can use as a weapon. We think he must have gotten this from his Papa or Merrill because it certainly didn't come from his Mom who is a little anti anything that kills other things (much to my Father's dismay). He also did not get it from his Dad who loves to hunt and go shooting but up until last year had never owned a gun. He is so excited about his gun that he hopes people will come over to our house so he can get it out to show them. I had a client here last week and when he got ready to leave Jett convinced him to take a look. My client mentioned that he could use a bb gun around his home for stray cats and birds (thanks a lot Joel). He told Jett how you only pump the gun once to "stun" the cats. Well Jett really feels like he needs to get over there to help him out. He told Ryan last night "I just keep thinking about stunning those cats".

Here are some things Jett has been up to this last year:
He grew a whole inch taller than his older brother...
He is mastering the skate board..
He is in tumbling (he thinks he is training for American Ninja Warrior)
He started basketball (he is in his second season)
Learned to read
graduated kindergarten (although he did not want to)
He loves listening to his "ipod touch" (aka cheap mp3 player)
He loves Michael Jackson and Tom Petty
He likes school
He dosn't like homework!
He is learning his articles of Faith (he has three memorized)
He finally lost two teeth (one was not even loose)
He is such a sweet boy. He is a lover of life. He brings so much joy into our home. We love watching him put on his ear phones and rock out to "I won't back down".  Jett gets so excited over everything. We will be walking home from the bus stop and he will say "I just love this day so much." One night after we got home from a baptism preview for the boys, Jett came into the room and said "I just love this gospel so much". He is a funny kid he starts most sentences with "I really don't want to tell you this but...or "I can't say this, but..."It usually ends with something like..." I can see that man's bottom, or I don't really like this food".   I hope that he will always keep the passion he has for life. We love you Jett. We hope your year is full of awesomeness.

tea party mad hatter style

making a wooden gun in the shop with Papa

 We love you Jetty Poo!